All you need to know about Muvhango’s new starlet Angela Atlang

Muvhango’s new starlet Angela Atlang is proof that a dream delayed is not a dream denied. The 26-year-old actor made her debut on Monday as stripper Itseng Motsamai — James Motsamai’s (Dingaan Mokebe KaKhumalo) estranged sister. Atlang shares why she has been waiting since 2018 to join the show.

Joing Muvhango?

This was a dream come true for her, as she has waited for this opportunity since 2018, which finally came now, Muvhango opened auditions in Botswana, and she was part of the group that included Sharon Seno (Marang) and Maxwell Dichi ( Seretse).

Why did you wait so long to join the show?

I was supposed to play Marang’s sister, but I had some personal complications on my side and I got delayed. Then when I was supposed to come back again after they had created a new storyline for me, there were lockdown restrictions. In Botswana we were put in a state of public emergency at the beginning of the pandemic. I couldn’t travel and was stuck that side. I had to pray a lot and be patient.

Angela was supposed to play Marang’s sister in the show but she had some personal complications which got delayed

You play a stripper on the show. Is that difficult?

You do this thing in front of the mirror when you are by yourself in the house. Doing it on national television is something else, but I started as a model. I’ve done lingerie shoots and it became easier for me to assume the role. In the studio I stayed covered up in a robe because there were a lot of men on set and I was not uncomfortable. That’s what you are used to when you are a model.

What other roles have you played?

Before I came here I was filming for a sitcom in Botswana that I can’t disclose yet. I worked on a popular drama in Botswana called Mareledi, but I never got to show on TV because when we were shooting my part we ran out of funds and they put everything on hold. But aside from that, I’ve done a lot of stage productions as I’m a theatre student. I studied bachelor of theatre arts at the University of Botswana.

How are the acting opportunities in Botswana?

There are no opportunities. You are not guaranteed to make a living out of acting or anything to do with the arts. I can’t think of anyone that has made it big without going out of the country. The market is very low and that’s why many of us look to SA for opportunities.

Were you aware of this before you studied?

Yes. After high school, people around me advised me to go for accounting over acting. I went for accounting and after a semester I realised it was not for me. I dropped out and stayed a year without going to school. I had to find a job. I worked as a peer educator.

What does a peer educator do?

I was educating the youth on various sexual health topics. I went door-to-door teaching the youth about STIs and the use of condoms. I had to demonstrate how to use a condom.

How do you demonstrate how to use a condom?

It was so interesting and I love challenges. I welcomed that opportunity and gave it my all. People were actually interested to see a young lady teaching how to use both a male and female condom.

You still have not explained how you demonstrate using a condom?

[Laughs] I was using a dildo. I had to walk around with it. So, I will take out a dildo and condom to demonstrate. I got a lot of giggles, especially from guys.

Where were you born?

My hometown is Maun. I’m a village girl. I remember growing up in a very small house. At one point there was no electricity in my home. I have three younger brothers. As the firstborn and only girl in the family in a way I’m their deputy parent. .

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