The dating list of ‘Queen of Gold Diggers’, Khanyi Mbau, From Daddies to Ben 10

Khanyi Mbau is called queen of gold diggers for a reason, as she does not settle for less nor anything that is not up to her standard, else she would jump the ship without blinking or have a second thought.

She has made it a point of duty to always attract very rich men and she knows when to leave and get another rich man riding her world, as she is only in here to relax and be taken care of like a real queen she is, but who wouldn’t?

Here is a list of all the rich men Khanyi Mbau dated

1. Theunis Crous

Theunia Crous enjoyed the honey pot of Khanyi in her early days, when she was a darker in skin. He was a very successful businessmen majored in construction with huge connection to the political power. The relationship made a lot of loud noise on tabloids then because he was married at the the time. But Khanyi didn’t bother about the triangle as she was there to get her own share of the bag which she secured and jumped out.

2. Mandla Mthembu

When her relationship came to an end with Crous she moved on to another wealth man. This time around it was Mandla Mthembu is one of Mzansi wealthy man. When the two began dating they had an age difference of 30years and Khanyi admitted that she was only after the money. The two got married in 2007 and they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl together. As expected their marriage didn’t last long as Khanyi found another rich man

As soon as Khanyi left Crous, she landed in another arms of a very wealthy man in South Africa, named Mandla Mthembu who happens to be one of the richest men in the country. Their relationship was typically of that of Daddy and Daughter as their age difference was 30 years. Khanyi did not even hide her opinion on that relationship as he admitted that she was only there for the bag as usual. The relationship did not last long as it was expected, the Quen found her self another man

3. Tebogo Lerole

Khanyi Mbau’s ex boyfriend Tebogo Lerole

The two had a roller coaster kind of relationship. One minute they were a couple and the next they were enemies. However they broke off for good last year. He also had a fat bank account.

This two lovebird were truly into each other as they were in a very stable relationship at the beginning which many saw as the cutest couple in Mzansi, but the whole thing faded away as they started playing hide and seek in the relationship which led to their separation. A lot of people expected them to come back because they were very beautiful together, but that did not happen as she moved on to another rich and wiling younger man from Zimbabwe

4. Kudzai Terrence Mushonga

This is Khanyi’s latest victim and we truly thought she had found the one. Mushonga is a Zimbabwean business man who is considered to be one of the billioners in his country. The two have been dating for 8months now and they sure did paint the whole nation red. However things have recently gone bad between the two and the man is just lamenting over his money. However Khanyi Mbau doesn’t seem bothered by the whole. So perhaps Khanyi Mbau is not a gold digger but she just loves the ones with money and they also love her.

When she unveiled her rich newest boy friend ,we didn’t know what to make of it, considering her dating choice over the years, which started from a very older and married person, now to someone obviously very younger than her.

The Zimbabwe rich kid is known for many things, the youngest to ever own airplane in the country, he was arrested for defrauding a Nigerian, leaking his n*de online and drug

We are not very sure if they have separated considering the drama that led to her dumping him in Dubai a few days back, but looking at the trajectory, it seems inevitable that she is going to date maybe a way younger person. But we are yet to find out.

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