Khanyi Mbau reappears after disappearing from her man in Dubai

Khanyi Mbau resurfaced 15 hours after she was dropped off at her nail appointment, saying she “needed space.”

The virtual world and boyfriend Kudzai Terrence Mushonga have been on the hunt for radio host Khanyi Mbau since a distress call was made from his Instagram page in the wee hours of Tuesday.

Tracing The Disappearance Of Khanyi Mbau

Getting in a bikini and twerking on a yacht in Dubai has become a popular phrase on social media. But, actually making it to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is another story.

Well, for Mbau and her millionaire Zimbabwean boo, this has been reality in recent weeks. The couple has been on a baecation trip in the Arab nation that turned sour when Mushonga took to his Instagram to inform his followers of the shoddy activity his girlfriend had allegedly gotten up to.

According to the boyfriend, Mbau was dropped off at a hair salon at approximately 18:00 with an agreement in place that she would text him 30 minutes before she was to be picked up.

This can be corroborated by Mbau’s Instagram Story post, where she was seen getting her nails done while on a video call with her brother Lasizwe Dambuza.

However, an evening that was supposed to end in bliss for the couple, turned into a nightmare for Mushonga. The boyfriend claims he waited all night to hear back from Mbau but eight hours went by with no word from the Metro FM radio host.

At approximately 02:00, Mushonga claims he was so frustrated, he got up and went looking for Mbau at the hair salon he last saw her at.

This entire time, he claims, Mbau’s activity on the chat app they used to communicate showed that she was going on and offline, blatantly ignoring his messages.

Mushonga posted this video on his Instagram Story, showing him at the hair salon at 02:27, more than four hours after it had closed.

Intsa story Khanyi mbau’s boyfriend looking for her at the salon at 2am and she is nowhere to be found 💔#khanyiMbau— blackbarbie3551 (@blackbarbie3551) August 31, 2021

“At 03:00 I post on my IG that I can’t find her, then she immediately responds, saying I’m in ‘the building see you soon’, Mushonga wrote.

According to the Zimbabwean national, his telephonic quarrel with Mbau, who was still nowhere to be found at the time, went on until about 05:00.

Mushonga confirmed that Mbau only pitched up to the apartment at 09:00, 15 hours after she was dropped off at her nail appointment.

Where she was this entire time, remains unknown. What we know is that Mushonga was told by Mbau that she needed space.

“My mind is struggling and I can’t work like this, I love you deeply, and this you know! And I would do anything for you, and you have seen me done such before. But the mental spiral dive you taking me on, it only destroys me [because] I can’t focus on work, like this!” he exclaimed.

These are the screenshots Mushonga posted on his Instagram story.

Neither Mbau nor her representatives had issued a response to the furore at the time this article was published.

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