The true story, of what happened Cyan Boujee Car Accident

The frequent road accident that is taking away the lives of prominent South Africans has become of a serious concern but Cyan Boujee car accident is quite perplexing.

It is pleasing to know that she survived the accident that was very critical, but the stories coming from that incident leaves more to be desired.

Cyan Boujee whose real name is Honour Zuma Zacn (born 25 August 2001) is a beautiful and curvy South African YouTuber, Fashion Model, Makeup artist, Instagram Brand Influencer, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Social Media star who is famous for dating DJ Maphorisa and fighting over him with Beverly Tlhako.

A friend of Cyan Boujee named Mmabatho Mada Spura has come out to narrate her ordeal in a close to lethal accident that almost took her life in Cyan Booker Car.

This didn’t go down well with Cyan Boujee, who went on to lash out at her, stating that she should never mention her name in her story.

Cyan was obviously pissed despite the fact that she was the one that was driving on the night they had the awful mishap that nearly turned fatal and  Mmabatho, losing her life.

Mmabatho shared subtleties of the day of the mishap despite the fact that she didn’t recall a lot of what unfolded prior and then afterward the close to snapshots of the mishap.

Mmabatho claimed that she didn’t recall all that happened but she shared the little snapshots she gathered at the scene.
She said she remembered only being in the car with Cyan and wakening up at a medical clinic.

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Madam Spura says they were vibing and having a great time moments before the accident caused by her frenemie Cyan Boujee.

This did not go down well, with Cyan Boujee as she dashed into Mmabatho’ a house alongside with her mother, to threaten her to erase all those things she posted about the incident on social media.

Cyan, who is a fashionista, who thinks narrating the experience might jeopardize her brand.

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