Pearl Thusi threatens to sue tweep to court for defamation

Pearl Thusi has taken to twitter to announce she’ll be pressing legal charges against a Twitter user on the grounds of defamation after the star responded to US actress Priyanka Chopra’s Twitter post earlier this year calling for people to use their resources and donate to aid in the aftermath of Covid-19 in India.

A twitter user also responded to Priyanka’s tweet by laying claims that Pearl Thusi was spreading hatred in SA towards Indians.

“Please, please help us in SA ! Your friend Pearl Thusi is spreading hatred towards Indians in SA! Get her to stop. She has 2-million followers and is spreading hatred  without understanding the truth. We live in Phoenix and know fear! Someone needs to stop her.”  The tweep alleged

However, Pearl did not take this lightly or let it slide as she threatened to take legal action against the tweep if she did not back up her claims with evidence.

“Guys. Point me in the direction of when I spread hatred towards Indians? If you cannot find it, then I’d like to point my lawyer in the direction of the point where I take you to court,” Pearl Thusi wrote.

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