Tsepo Tshola funeral service in progress

Legendary Jazz  musician Tsepo Tshola(67) who was part of the popular iconic group passed away on Thursday, 15 July and is been laid to rest today, 30th July

A week after the passing of the iconic musician family spokeswoman Lintle Lerotholi said the family is trying to remain strong as Tsepo’s passing has cut them deep.

“It is a heavy road ahead of us, but we are strengthened by the support that we have received, from the public, his colleagues and the government. We are thankful for the support and the messages of condolences, it is really comforting to learn about the impact that Tsepo has played in people’s lives,”  

At the memorial service held in his honour at the Joburg Theatre on Thursday, 22 July, singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka described Tsepo as someone she could always lean on.

“He was always there to guide and shape me. As you know this industry can be very harsh. I considered him a brother, a very close one, I remember when we became close, it was before the horrific accident that took some of Sankomota’s band members. Before it all happened, they were rehearsing from my house. We are going to miss him,” said Chaka Chaka.

She said the world loved Tshola and he loved the world.

“Your music taught us who we are as Africans. You did say you are waiting for your name to be called and your name has been called. And those of us who are left behind are shaking in disbelief. Greet Steve Kekana, Pat Shange and Brenda Fassie and tell them we miss them,” she said.

Other tributes included a painting from controversial painter Rasta, who always misses the mark and angered Tsepo’s son, Katleho.

He took to social media and said: “Somebody tell Rasta this is my Dad, not whoever he was drawing.”

Tsepo will be largely remembered for his music and the contribution he made in the music scene, as many said his songs stopped wars.

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