SABC Fires Robert Marawa- Fans react

South African sports fans were left stunned as Robert Marawa was fired unexpectedly by the SABC from his radio show called ”Marawa Sports Worldwide” for unknown reasons after years of being fired from Supersport.

In a short statement‚ the SABC said on Friday morning that the much-loved Marawa departs after the conclusion of the MSW (Marawa Sport Worldwide) which he presented on both Metro FM and Radio 2000 simultaneously.

This has, however, generated mixed feelings between the sports fans, while some of them believe the reason for the sack is because of the exposure he made on Racism & inequality particularly in Cricket. Also talking on the millions which disappeared in the Sports, Arts & Culture ministry, others think and believe he had come to the end of his 3 years contract.

Some fans of Maruwa has suggested he start his own sports show

The issue had long gotten lots of responses, some of them are seen below:

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