Mome Mahlangu shares her weight loss journey

Mome Mahlangu has taken to social media to share before and after photo of her weight loss journey in a swimsuit, the pictures were however taken different times.

Mome made it known and clear that she was unhappy in the first swimsuit.

In her words, it was not because of her jojo tank but she lost what she was meant to carry in her arms and then depression started.

Well, she is glad to have successfully removed the excess fat in her body and she is getting the perfect shape she wanted.

Mome captioned: “What u may not know , I was unhappy in the black swimsuit,not only because of what was my jojo tank , having lost what I was meant to carry in my arms and the depression it came with ….I had to free myself from it mentally by taking care of my mind body And soul by removing the clatter with @momewellnesslivin …. See me happy it didn’t happen over night , you heal the inside for the outer glow with our natural plantbase products ….”

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