Pearl Thusi responds trolls always dragging her

Pearl Thusi has taken to her social media to reveal she’s not concerned or bothered about trolls on ‘black Twitter’ as she takes a different approach.

While weighing in on the recent current affairs of SA in a series of tweets on Wednesday, Pearl’s opinions were not well received by everyone as many social media users started dragging her but her reaction and reply shows she is no longer bothered.

I’ve healed guys … I’m whole. I’m not perfect, but I love who I am. Insulting me doesn’t work any more. I’m here to learn, engage and grow. We can disagree, that’s healthy but insulting me doesn’t get the same reaction any more. Don’t bother. I wanna have real chats here,” pearl wrote.

Responding to a Tweet about making peace a priority rather than proving a point, Pearl said she shared the same sentiment.

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