SA Amapiano awards shuns Kelvin Momo, nominates Uncle Vinny instead- Fans react

The list of the nominees earlier released by the inaugural committee of the South African Amapiano award (SAAP) has become a controversial topic between the genre’s lovers on Twitter because of the absence of Kelvin Momo majorly in the list and the nomination of Uncle Vinny instead

Since the release of the nominees’ list, there has been a tussle on whether it is right, justifiable or not for the music star, Uncle Vinny, few others to be among the list of artists nominated while some others like Gaba Cannal, Jaivane, Kelvin Momo, others were left out in the award nomination

See list below:


Many fans have taken to twitter to share their opinion on the trending debate

See some comments below:

“No ways If Kelvin Momo, Gaba Cannal, MDU a.k.a, Jaivane etc aren’t here then please respectfully delete and cancel this joke! This isn’t even about Amapiano but trendy Instagram DJ’s and Jika Ma Jika. Mi Casa? Riky Rick? Uncle Vinny? But the pioneers aren’t on here? Nxa” @Small_Purrr

“Kelvin Momo isn’t even there. The God of Expensive soulful amapiano. Lol you guys should just delete this awards rubbish. Let’s stick to the ones we have bo metro awards, sama and the others. This is a no” @sthebeworldwide

“This is Trash! Where is Kelvin Momo’s private school? The most streamed album on any music platform!! This is total Bullshit! Cancel these awards shame” @Its_Thabangza

“Pabi Cooper and Vinny over Hlogi Mash? Hope Ramafola? Kelvin Momo? Lol, le wisa do awards di so thome le Thoma.” @RiahVanR

Do you think the list of nominees is fair? Let us know in the comment section

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