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SA top designer, Kekana diagnoses with cancer

Top designer Quiteria Kekana who has created a global brand with Quiteria Atelier has revealed to Sunday World that he got diagnosed with cancer in April. The designer is taking things slow and has been receiving help from his mother back home in Soweto.

The designer who received some bad publicity a few months ago has told the publication that he noticed some skin patches and inflammation in various parts of his body.

In addition to that, he experienced a loss of appetite, was always tired and confused. Upon seeking medical attention, Quiteria said he then got diagnosed with multiple myeloma early this year. 

“Many people know it as the Kahler’s disease, but multiple myeloma is basically cancer that forms in a type of white blood cell called a plasma cell. Cancerous plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow and crowd the healthy blood cells and produce abnormal proteins that can cause complications,” he was quoted as saying. 

The designer who is reportedly undergoing chemotherapy said he was struggling financially as a result of the medical bills. He said his friends chipped in to help and he had to sell some of his personal belongings to help keep his business afloat. 

“Friends have assisted in paying some of my medical bills. I’ve managed to sell some of my belongings to keep the store and studio open until I get better,” he revealed.

Quiteria’s designs have been worn by famous names, some as big as Beyoncé when she performed at the Global Citizen in 2018. He designed her final outfit together with his former partner George, and it was a breathtaking green dress.

A few months ago, celebrities such as Lesego Tlhabi , AKA, Coconut Kelz and Lexi Van, accused him of fat-shaming women! Coconut says he called her ‘fatty boom-boom.’

“So today I went to a famous designer who was told my sizes way beforehand because it’s for TV. Does he not then declare very loudly in the store after a failed try-on that he has nothing for me and the uses words like “fatty boom boom” to describe how I’d look in the designs. Yoh.”

“Actually nah. It’s Quiteria and George. What happens from there is above me. It was sh*t sh*t sh*t. If I lose this opportunity, I lose it. I will never ever wear something from there. And it was “Q” himself.”
 Former Big Brother contestant, Lexi Van revealed that she also had a similar experience with the fashion designers.

“I’m not surprised Lesego. I was told I’m fat too in 2015 whilst doing a fitting with them. The way Q pulled his face when I tried on a dress was pure disgust. He said my body needed ‘some major work’ cause there isn’t really a dress for me. Sorry babe.”

Tlhabi said she was very emotional because he did it in front of everyone, “I never cry but wow I have not stopped. I’m sad sis. I’m so sorry that happened to you too.”

He had since apologized for that.

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