Lindani Myeni: US civil rights activist calls for Justice for SA Dad

Veteran US civil rights activist Al Sharpton has condemned the inexplicable killing of former South African rugby player Lindani Myeni who was shot in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Police claim they were responding to a 911 burglary call when Myeni was shot.

Sharpton stated that he is saddened by Myeni’s death and the fact that his family has contacted him to seek justice for the father of two’s ‘senseless’ killing by police.

He stated that Myeni’s death was contrary to the spirit of aloha.

The civil rights activist added that Myeni’s killing is ‘another sensational racialisation and criminalisation’ of a Black man. He added that Myeni’s murder by the police was due to them not following proper police procedures.

News24 reported that Sharpton’s words follow the news that new, unedited footage of Myeni’s last moments was widely shared.

The publication previously reported that local police shot Myeni and claimed that they were responding to a burglary call.

In a statement seen by SABC News, stated that Sharpton called for Hawaii prosecutors and the Honolulu Police Department to be 100% transparent as they take on the task of finding justice for Myeni.

The former South African rugby player was killed by police in Hawaii in April. A Honolulu judged ordered official to turn the unedited police bodycam footage over to Myeni’s lawyer.

The footage shows Myeni repeatedly apologizing to the lady who called the police on him. He also left her home on his own.

Lindani’s last words before the police arrived was “I’m sorry,” which he said constantly. The video shows a piece of the house’s surveillance camera from a doorbell security cam.

It also plays a 911 audio recording as well as the new footage from the officers who killed the father of two.

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