Top 10 proud snacks & products of South Africa

As human diversity exit so as we all differ from ourselves with different things. The food we eat, our languages, and so more.

For all the snacks lovers, we present 10 proud snacks and products you can only find in South Africa. Here’s a list of them below:

1. South African chocolates

Cadbury Lunch Bar 46g, Cadbury Crunchie 41g, Cadbury Chomp 22g, Cadbury Lunch Bar mini 23g, Cadbury P.S, and Caramilk 46g are some of the chocolates you can find in the country. They are the creamiest, yummiest and mouth-watering chocolates you will ever taste.

2. Flings chip

These maize snacks are loved across the country. It does not matter whether you are a child or a grown individual, flings are magical. They are a must-have during children’s parties and outdoor fun events such as games. You will be reminded of your childhood every time you snack on them. A bowl of flings during a rugby tournament is all you need to stay focused on the game.

3. Big corn bites

4. Chappies

5. Peppermint crisps

6. Zoo biscuits

7. All Gold tomato sauce

8. Provita

9. Fizzers

10. Ouma rusks

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