Uncle Vinny gets into trouble after throwing a bottle at a happy crowd

Uncle Vinny gets dragged on social media after throwing a bottle at a happy crowd.

The dancer has been in the mouths of South Africans over the past one month for his funny but amazing dance steps, and he’s left many inspired also.

However, he’s beginning to act out of line as seen in a video shared by his partners, Major League DJz.

The DJz shared a video of their most recent gig with Vinny and it looked huge as the crowd wanted them to give their best performances.

In the video, the crowd was excited seeing Vinny serve his signature dance moves on stage, but it got ugly after he threw bottle water at the crowd while dancing.

Some persons who watched the video appreciated the energy, but a follower who also loves Vinny called him to watch his behaviour.

“Guys we love you, but respect your supporters! Why is your Vinny throwing bottles at people? The Disrespect! No Man,” reads a fan comment.

Check out the video below:

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