Mix reaction as Letoya Makhene opens virtual consultations for R1k

The Media personality Letoya announced that she had finally decided to offer virtual consultations to keep up with the demand.

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The sangoma took to social media to share that she was offering her services to clients online. The services are going for just over R1000 for an hour.

However, the price tag seemed to rub a few social media users up the wrong way. One user commented:

“R1028, yoh. Aowa.”

Letoya promptly responded:

“We are many in the world. You are always welcome to find yourself someone who will consult for R50.”

African spirituality is being accepted more by people in Mzansi, but there are some people who are still not convinced by the “underground gang”.

Letoya Makhene is a certified sangoma, but it seems as though her wife, businesswoman Lebo Keswa, is not exactly about that life. Lebo and Letoya have different spiritual beliefs, but that should not get in the way of their relationship because Lebo says she will still support her wife.

Lebo shared that she does not believe in witchcraft during a Facebook interaction with Linda Ande Yende. A Facebook user Neo Phepheng commented on Lebo’s response and said: “They can bewitch you not to believe that it does exist.”

Letoya’s wife then confidently said that she is in a relationship with a sangoma, and she will return the favour back to those who try to bewitch her. Neo then said that it’s a shame that Lebo does not believe in her partner’s healing powers.

Although Lebo does not have the same beliefs as Letoya, she replied that she supports everything that she does.

The couple got married in a lavish traditional ceremony earlier in December and seem to be as happy as ever.

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