Gauteng Traffic Cop apprehend for an attempt to secure R100 bribe

A corrupt Gauteng traffic cop endured an almighty slice of misfortune on Tuesday, after he was arrested for trying to solicit a R100, bribe.

He managed to cut out the middleman too, after making his indecent proposal to an undercover officer. Sure enough, there was only one way this transaction was going to end.

In an ironic twist of fate, the official stopped the undercover agent on the N4, on 8 June. After approaching the driver, he then made it clear that the motorist in question ‘could pay his way’ out of the situation. The asking price wasn’t exactly hefty, but the act itself displayed a gross abuse of power.

Those power dynamics were instantly flipped on their head, however, once the clandestine cop made his identity known. There was little time wasted in handcuffing the suspect, and he was taken to a nearby police station for processing.

“A 35-year-old Inspector from the Gauteng Traffic Police has been arrested for bribery and corruption. He stopped an undercover agent on the N4 today and allegedly demanded a R100 bribe. He was subsequently handcuffed on the scene, and is being held at Boschkop Police Station.”

Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) statement on the bribe-seeking traffic cop, from Tuesday 8 June.

As well as the official statement released by the RTMC, Gauteng Traffic Police have also acknowledged the incident. They have bemoaned corruption as an action ‘which destroys the moral fibre of society’. The organization also paid tribute to those involved with the arrest, praising the efforts and high standards set by law enforcement officials.

Tx to the anti-corruption efforts be the relevant roleplayers. GTP Gauteng Traffic Police (@GTP_Traffstats) June 8, 2021

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