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Simz Ngema spills tea about Bishop Makamu’s sex scandal

Simz Ngema recently shared her thoughts on the sexual case of Bishop Makamu.

The star was a guest on the popular Podcast And Chill with Mac G and Sol Phenduka.

In her words, she revealed that there is no respect for Christianity or for churches.

“I honestly felt like, what are we doing as Christians, It’s a lot of man. There’s no respect any more for Christianity or for churches. Now, it’s almost like everyone wants to be seen,” she continued.

It’s not about the respect. It’s not about the Bible. We are here to do something that is respectful and we need to honour God.

But people are just living their lives. I’m going to do whatever I want. I’m going to sleep with young girls, I’ll do this and that.

Simz stated that she is very religious and she believes in God.

The new mom also revealed that she is a religious person and believes in God and the Holy Bible.

“I’m very religious. I believe in God, I believe in the Bible, I believe in Jesus. And I believe in the Jesus of today as well,” she added.

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