Anti GBV groups Amplifies call to MuteAKA after scandalous

Women For Change activists have been left horrified by rapper AKA’s recent Instagram post and amplified their calls to have him muted.

The post depicted AKA smoking a cigarette with a seriously distasteful song playing in the background.

“AKA finally showing us the real him, How little respect can someone have …#muteaka”

Social media users shared their thoughts on the post: @mufanem said: “Some days you get very angry at a dead loved one when you are mourning their death due to suicide.

He must just stay off social media.” @ms_nzalie said: “I’m still in disbelief to think I was feeling sorry for the dude.” @angellasemu said: “Truth is he’s in pain, mentally he’s down & that’s no news to anyone.

When people are hurting, don’t conclude that’s who they truly are. It’s very likely for people to act out of character when they’re hurting (from personal experience).

Let him process the pain any way he can for now.” @percyzwane said: “My late high school girlfriend passed on after years of us dating.

I remember crying till I could not any more & all I had left was hurt, anger & confusion at the once to a point that I cursed her for leaving me on my birthday.

Trust me, he’s going through it right now.”

News reported that the rapper recently took to social media to post a snap of himself standing outside smoking a cigarette.

While the picture itself was not out of the ordinary, it was his choice of song that left many social media users in disbelief.

AKA chose to play P*ss on Your Grave by Travis Scott. Many were disturbed by the fact that the song seemed to be alluding to the death of the late Tembe and felt that it was in poor taste.

AKA did not specify why he chose that particular song but it did not stop the masses from assuming the worst.

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