Somizi forgives Mohale for cheating on her

The Media personality Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has boldly revealed that cheating is not a deal-breaker for him.

Adding his opinions to the “table talk” that’s part of the popular Metro FM’s Ask A Man segment, Somizi dropped a bomb when he said he would always choose to forgive the cheater instead of opting to leave the relationship.

The self-taught chef said people always took for granted how hard it was for a person to leave a relationship they invested so much into.

“It’s easier when you’re outside the court, to say, ‘I would leave’, however you don’t foresee the cheating and you don’t anticipate it and you are fully invested in this relationship.

So for you to think that you’re just going to bounce? You must be the strongest person ever! I’ve never been in a situation where, ‘after one strike, you’re out’. I forgive 65 times until they dump me or until the cheater leaves…” Somizi said.

He added that he believed monogamy was “unnatural”.

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