Major League DJz influence shapes South Africa Dance Industry

The Major League DJz are South African musical duos doing the most for the dance industry, by bringing young stars who are dancers to the limelight.

The duo has a platform known as Balcony Mix Where mixes of Amapiano songs are served, featuring some of the hottest Amapiano music producers in the country.

Speaking of the dance industry, between the year 2020 and 2021, dancers are beginning to have the recognition they’ve long desired, thanks to the DJz.

On every Balcony Mix event which is premiered on YouTube weekly, it’s observed that some young men and women are there to keep the show sizzling with dance moves.

From showing off their dance skills to becoming a major/fast-rising star in the entertainment industry.

Yes! Kamo kicked off from being a dancer to being both dancer and singer.

The star was brought to the spotlight via the two DJz, as she was one of the persons who graced the weekly event.

Kamo has gone from being a dancer to having one of the biggest Amapiano songs in SA.

The Likes of Nkulunkulu, Mamazala. She also featured on MFR Souls Amanikiniki, with the Majoe League DJz.

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