Jub Jub decide to slam SA celebs for treating their fans badly

Jub Jub has begun to slam celebrities who do not treat their fans well.

The star took to his Instagram to share a video of himself stating he does not understand how some South African celebrities behave to their fans and followers.

The rapper mentioned that these celebrities got fans that support them, buy their music, follow them even through their career and what they get in return is bad.

“So you’ve got fans that are supporting you. Fans that are buying your music, fans that are following you guys. You know fans that are supporting you through your career and they’ve been there. You guys are so heartless that you forgot where you grew up.” said the Ndikhokhele hitmaker.

Jub Jub made it clear that the way fans are being treated doesn’t sit well for him and he urged the celebrities to do what is right for their fans.

”Some of you all might have been multi-racial kids and grew up in mansions. But there are those that grew up in four rooms, one rooms but you guys forgot where you come from and are treating fans badly. I don’t like that.

Humble yourselves and treat these people right because if you don’t do it then it’ll be a problem. You don’t want your fans switching up on you.”

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