SA police gun down allegedly gang Boss and six henchmen in Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg

South African police officers were involved in a violent shootout that left seven suspected gang members dead, including the alleged gang boss.

The alleged gang members had been terrorizing the residents of Imbali.

Police minister Bheki Cele arrived at the scene on Tuesday evening and reported that AK47s had been found among the weapons used by the suspects.

The leader had been drinking expensive alcohol, was entertained with huge televisions and drove a number of cars that were believed to be stolen according to News24.

“It just pains me” Shootout The suspects were caught by police and private security officers and a shootout ensued. Police Spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said that the suspects were living in a house in the Fairfield Avenue area that they had started renting at the beginning of May.

When they noticed the police, they opened fire. Two of the deceased were women and six guns were found at the scene.

Escapee among the dead Among the deceased was one of the 45 prisoners who recently escaped police custody, according to the South African. 15 of the escaped prisoners have still not been tracked down by the police.

The prisoners were being transported from prison to the Pietermaritzburg Magistrates Court. Five gunmen forced the prisoner transport off the road, and they proceeded to free the prisoners. The men were being charged with a range of violent crimes.

In Mzansi, shootouts have become such a regular occurrence that a young woman showed no signs of being scared when armed men started shooting at each other in broad daylight.

In a clip shared by @SA_crime, the thugs can be seen standing in a shopping centre when they suddenly draw their guns and start shooting. Not long into the short video, a young woman stands very close to where the action is at and starts watching, as opposed to scurrying like everyone else. “#Shooting.

A normal day in Cape Town South Africa, no need to run/hide or take cover,” the clip was captioned. In other news, the South African Police Service was involved in a shootout on the M1 highway which left two alleged robbers dead and four in custody.

Police engaged with ten suspects after receiving intelligence about a potential robbery that was going to take place in Johannesburg.

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