Boss Lady: 7 successful businesses owned by @DJZinhle

It is loud to the deaf and visible to the blind that DJ Zinhle is one of the most hardworking women in her industry, from Furniture, to music, hair, watches, sunglasses, fitness gear, and alcohol.

She is widely known as one of the most successful House DJs in South Africa and beyond. She’s not just a DJ that makes good music, she is also known as one of the most enterprising SA celebrities.

After launching her Era by DJZinhle in 2012, the decorated DJ has been unstoppable launching more business that have disrupted numerous industries.

Below are Businesses Owned By DJ Zinhle.

1.Boulevard Rose 5 Business Owned By DJ ZinhleIn 2020 , Dj Zinhle acquired equity in the Boulevard brand and stepped in as CEO of sparkling wine brand, Boulevard Rosé.

In February this year Zinhle presented BLVD Signature edition Nectar rosé MCC. Her much-anticipated signature edition MCC was launched late in December.

2. Jiyane Atelier is founded and co-owned by South African DJ Zinhle Jiyane and successful young businessman Brandon Reynolds.

The business describes itself as “ a business built on unique design and comfort. That strives to create a high-end retail environment that focuses on customer service combined with retail experience of exceptional service, paying close attention to detail, with a feel for what each piece would feel like in the customers own environment. It’s mission is to design and manufacture furniture affordable to the urban-minded customer. Jiyane Atelier aims to sell a whole concept, a way of life, a lifestyle.

3. Era By Dj Zinhle 5 Business Owned By DJ Zinhle

Era by DJZinhle is a timeless fashion-accessory brand founded in 2012 by South African House Music DJ, author and super mom, DJ Zinhle. The brand Era, which embodies sophistication and style, started out as a time piece specific brand that has now expanded into a wide range of accessories.

The brand was built around the notion and idea that women, should use this specific moment in time and in their individual journeys, to conquer whatever it is they forsee.

4. DJ Zinhle’s Bryanston Luxury Apartment on AirBnB Rentals Dj Zinhle has a stunning 2-bedroom apartment in Bryanston on AirBnB. As an owner of a furniture manufacturing and designing company, this apartment is decorated with the finest furniture, a well-equipped kitchen and the dressing room of your dreams. High speed uncapped WIFI, HD TV with Netflix, Showmax and sheltered parking.

This quiet complex sits directly across the road from Sandton Medi Clinic and its a few minutes drive from Sandton City.

5. Fuse Academy To close off 5 Business Owned By DJ Zinhle, FUSE Academy was a deejaying school founded and hosted by two young black females, DJ Zinhle and Nomndeni, with the purpose to empower young females interested in a career within the entertainment industry. The school was shut down in December 2018.

6. Jireh Wellness was born from a passion project that launched during the COVID -19 pandemic. The word “Jireh” means to provide and that is what we aim to do. We strive to provide the best service and quality. We are passionate about health and wellness and we want to be synonymous with innovation in the health and wellness sector.

7. She recently ventured into the hair industry with the launch of her very own Peruvian hair wig range named Hair Majesty by DJ Zinh.

Taking to her social media platforms, DJ Zinhle made the announcement by posting a 33-second-long video in which she models the different lace wigs from her range.

Had to bring the “This Girl Can” Masks back cause people have been asking for them. We’ve also added more colours.

DJ Zinhle’s Story

“Installing and wearing a beautiful wig has become such a big part of my life over the last few years so the idea for Hair Majesty stemmed from a very specific feeling I experienced every time I had a wig installed. It gave me the feeling that “I can conquer anything and everything” and I truly saw it as my personal reminder that I am a queen and this hair is my crown, hence the name Hair Majesty. I’m big on research when it comes to starting my businesses, so It’s been years of me trying new hair styles, testing different colors, lengths and constantly pushing boundaries. Through this, I was receiving massive interest and requests for me to start my own brand,  So if anything,  this was a way of me listening to my audience and answering their request. Whether I’m creating music or working on new business ventures, my objective to inspire and empower other woman always has to come through and I feel that this was the perfect opportunity for me to explore a new industry whilst reminding woman to feel like the queens they are, on a daily basis.For me, if I can achieve that, I’ve already succeeded”

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