Bonang Matheba Air-up on her Lawsuit, says she still wants her R500k

The 10 days Bonang had given Rea Gopane to gather and pay R500k for alleged defamation of character lapsed, media personality Bonang Matheba proposed that blogger Rea Gopane face the music.

Bonang made the Twitter trends list after Mzansi noticed it had been 10 days since she served Rea with a letter of demand on Twitter, demanding a lengthy apology and R500 000 for reputational damage.

When a fan questioned if she had got the R500k from Rea, Bonang said she hadn’t received a penny from the vlogger. She also mentioned that Rea had been served summons just a few days before.

This comes after another well-known celebrity told the Youtuber, who is one part of The Rea and Black Step Podcast, that Bonang had supposedly “introduced AKA to drugs”.

AKA and Bonang were previously romantically involved. Bonang asked her fans to be patient because things will be resolved soon.

She’s not letting up, and she still expects her R500k from Rea.

While Rea hasn’t mentioned anything about paying the money on social media, he did promise a tweep that he would talk about his experience in the near future.

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