Big Xhosa says he doesn’t want to Sign for Ambitiouz Entertainment

Big Xhosa trended recently when he dropped a diss track shading Mzansi rappers, Ambitiouz Entertainment tried to make fun of the upcoming hip-hop artist recently and he roasted the record label.

A tweep asked the controversial stable to consider signing Big Xhosa recently. The label’s spicy Twitter account tried to shade the rapper when they replied to the tweep who was looking out for Big Xhosa. Ambitiouz Ent replied:

“Ambitiouz is not Takalani please respect us.

” When Big Xhosa came across Ambitiouz’ tweet, he lost it. He threw major shade at the label’s artist, Kid Tini. He told the record label: “You all need to focus more on Kid Tini and leave me alone…”

The up-and-coming rapper shared a screenshot of Kid Tini’s YouTube numbers for his song titled Amen and compared them to his trending Ninyile music video.

He dropped his music video a week ago, but it has already been viewed over 276 000 times, while Tini’s Amen has been viewed 213 000 times in 5 months.

Tweeps took to his comment section to share their thoughts on his reply to Ambitiouz.

Check out some of their comments below: @Nhlaka_Bright wrote: “Kid Tini never made it to the great wall.

” @OrHisSurname said: “Record labels are touched Ngoba @SOS_RSA doesn’t have to pay for marketing or promotions in order to run up the numbers.

Let’s help this guy blow up and actually buy his music digitally.”

@Lan_downer commented: “Yhoo Kid Tini is always catching stray bullets.

” @Khanyile_BG said: “Big Xhosa just release a track and kill the entire Ambitiouz record label including their abandoned boy called Emtee.

” @Mtezman commented: “Ntwana you have less subscribers BUT more views while they have more subscribers and less views. Please, they should leave you alone.” @TsakaniMabaso16 said: “I think this is the 1st time I’ve seen Ambitiouz take a Straight L, no debate no nothing.

” @uSandz_ added: “For the first time seeing Ambitiouz losing.” Big Xhosa told Briefly News that he’s doesn’t want to sign to Ambitiouz Entertainment.

He also denied that he dissed the label. “I did not diss the label, they attacked me, plus I am not looking forward to signing to them.

” He also said his post was also not directed at “talented” Kid Tini. “That was not really directed at Kid Tini but more to the label because they can’t market him while he is talented.”

Big Xhosa trended on social media at the weekend after his video went viral. The rapper sampled 2 Pac in his impromptu track titled Ninyile.

He dissed Mufasa for his goat-like beard, slammed Nasty C for always rapping in English and called A-Reece baby girl.

He also said he’s not scared of all the rappers except Big Zulu. Big Xhosa had lunch with music executive Nota Baloyi after trending on Twitter.

A fan asked Nota to ask Big Xhosa why he did not go after AKA.

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