Megacy has voice out his support of AKA

One of AKA’s fans named The Megacy prove to be loyal to the rapper despite the storm.

Throughout Wednesday, “The Megacy” trends as fans support the rap star despite claims that his side of story concerning the death of his late wife, Anele Nelli Tembe doesn’t sound perfect.

Upon seeing the fans name trend, some persons claimed influencers were paid, in other to have Supa Mega on the good side of people.

However, the Megacy wrote a letter, saying it’s not a paid promo, but they are standing with their fave during this trying times.

“Insinuations of such intelligent people being part of promo Twitter is quiet impudent actually.

The greatest paycheck we get on a daily though is having the greatest relationship with the man we named ourselves after,” reads part of the letter.

“We will remain a group that is for Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. In the midst of the storms we will still be there making sure that he knows that we care for him way beyond his career. He will never be silenced while we are still around.”

“More hashtags will be created by us in his honour. We will continue to support anything and everything that has his name on it.”

Read full letter below:

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