Kiernan Forbes “AKA” fans pledge allegiance to the Grieving Rapper

AKA’s fans have spoken up on the social media to show their support to their fave.

The rapper has been in the news since his fiancée Nellie Tembe passed away in March.

His stans, known as the Megacy, have taken to Twitter to pledge their allegiance to the grieving musician after all that has been said and written about him on social media.

In a statement they released on Twitter, Supa Mega’s fans said their fave would never be silenced while they are around. There have been calls to silence the musician while an investigation into Nellie’s death continues.

The Megacy accused Mzansi influencers, podcasts and some organizations of being paid “in the hopes of silencing or getting rid of AKA”.

Below are some comments from AKA’s supporters who have reacted to the Megacy statement: @LuyaBrownie said:

“I plead allegiance to Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, the Megacy. Come what may, I gatt u fr #IAmMegacy.”

@NomsaMavuso6 wrote: “MEGACY 4 LIFE.” @FrankNyama2 commented: “When they say he is currently focusing on making music. YOU SHOULD BE SCARED BECAUSE HE’S COMING HARD!”

@wanthola_king said: “Megacy is a very powerful team trust me.” @ScelonG wrote: “Sorry for being so late, but: #IamMegacy and I keep this attitude daily!”

@batsipapaboy commented: “Loyalty and love unshaken #IamMegacy yesterday, today and everyday.”

@MabasaStokkies added: “We love you AKA #IamMegacy.”

Nelli Tembe’s father, Moses Tembe, has denied that AKA wasn’t allowed to speak during his late daughter Nelli’s funeral.

AKA appeared on a TV show on Saturday night and opened up about his relationship with Nelli. The Fela In Versace rapper also spoke about the day of his bae’s funeral.

Nelli passed away on 11 April in Cape Town.

She apparently fell from the 10th floor of hotel in the city, according to most reports. Supa Mega said he was shaken when he realized that he had been “denied” the opportunity to say a few words at the 22-year-old’s funeral.

According to TimesLIVE, Moses said the musician never made a request nor was he denied an opportunity to read his message during the funeral.

Moses further said AKA’s friend and his father spoke alongside Tembe family members when they held memorial services all week preceding Anele’s service.

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