Thuso Mbedu says she previously auditions for Big Brother Africa few years back

Thuso Mbedu has opened up on how she auditioned for Big Brother Africa may years ago.

The star stated that she tried her luck but couldn’t get in but now she’s a successful actress.

Podcast and Chill co-host Sol Phenduka revealed that he first met Thuso during the auditions for Big Brother.

Thuso Mbedu may be starring in the Amazon series The Underground Railroad but she tried really hard to make it in the industry before.

According to Podcast and Chill co-host Sol Phenduka, Thuso tried auditioning for Big Brother Africa many years ago but didn’t make it.

This happened back in 2014 and Sol made it into the house but he didn’t end up winning the R1 million cash prize.

Fans on social media have been praising the young actress for nailing her American southern accent in The Underground Railroad.

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