See inspirational Africa Day messages shared by 3 Mzansi celebrities

A number of Mzansi celebrities are proud to be African and showed this through wonderful messages commemorating Africa Day.

Thandiswa Mazwai

The singer is also known as King Tha, and she is proud to be an African, showing this on many occasions. Thandiswa wrote an inspirational message to celebrate Africa Day on Twitter.

“MAYIBUYE!!! We cannot be the ones to suffer while others enrich themselves with what umdali gave us. Africa for Africans!!! #AfricaDay,” she said.

Refilwe Modiselle

Refilwe is celebrating Africa Day but wants to see everything go in the favour of Africans. Her message was bittersweet but shared what he hopes for the future.

She tweeted: “I wish we had an Africa Day when we could celebrate freedom in the real sense. Where we could celebrate everything taken from us being returned to its rightful owners & creators. Where we can truly be at the top of the food chain & not taken as the bottom barrel.”

Unathi Nkayi

The Idols SA judge pushed all Africans to be proud of where they come from and not pay attention to anyone who wants to make fun of them for celebrating.

“There will be those who will make fun of you for posting in your traditional regalia today – FORGIVE THEM and let them find themselves,” she said.

On May 25th, 1963, many Africans joined forces to create a union that would help them secure their independence from colonial imperialists.

The union, which was formed by Africans on African soil, was called the Organisation of the African Unity (OAU).

The date of the formation of the Organisation of the African Unity (OAU) was signified as Africa Day and is still celebrated by many Africans every 25 May.

After Ghana became the first country to become independent of colonialists, many other African countries were inspired to fight harder against colonization.

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