Moses Tembe respond to claim on Nelli’s funeral service “Kiernan never made a request”

Moses Tembe responds to AKA’s complaint on not being allowed to speak at the burial of his wife, Anele Nelli Tembe.

In an interview premiered on YouTube over the weekend, the rapper detailed all that led to the death of Anele and spoke about the funeral service.

After making proper arrangement for his wife’s funeral service, Supa Mega says he was denied the right to speak, as he was shocked upon not seeing his name on the program booklet.

Aside not seeing not being able to read the eulogy he had for his wife, another thing that shocked him was that the police minister Bheki Cele was allowed to speak.

In a statement shared, Moses, who is the father of Nelli, revealed that the rapper never made a request to talk at his wife’s burial. He also

“We held memorial services all week preceding Anele’s funeral service. Kiernan’s father and Kiernan’s friend spoke alongside Tembe family.

Kiernan never made a request nor was he ever denied an opportunity to read his message on the day of the funeral.

“The funeral program never included Mr Bheki Cele, but the program director used his prerogative to invite him to the podium, a courtesy that would have been given to any minister.

Personally, I have seen Mr Bheki Cele and other ministers in attendance to many funerals and ours was no exception.

“We are a private family, and it has been like that for decades. We view such relationships as private and treat as such… We would like to be given space to grieve.

Furthermore, we’ve lost our daughter, and we are hurting badly.”

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