Connie Ferguson reunites with family celebrates Dad 85th birthday

Connie Ferguson was beaming after she got to spend time with her family this past weekend to celebrate her dad’s 85th birthday.

Seeing her father and siblings filled Connie’s heart. Taking to social media to share the moment, Connie explained how they had all been keeping away from one another as to protect their father from the dreaded Covid-19 virus.

“The last time I saw Pops was just before COVID-19 hit! In trying to protect him, we stayed away and FaceTimed a lot.”

Connie and her six other siblings were able to come together and make their father’s 85th birthday one to remember!

“Today, heaven and earth had to move for all his seven children and karate children to gather and celebrate their HERO! I have never seen him so happy!

He looks younger than he did last year! With the most youthful spirit! And he’s always the first to boast about how good he looks! That his skin is still fresh! That God loves him so much he is a rock! He stands firm and isn’t going anywhere!”

Connie ended the sweet post by highlighting how her father’s youth and unwavering drive makes her and everyone around him want to do better and be better.

Connie could not be more grateful for his existence. “The biggest advocate for self-care, you can’t be around my dad and not want to be better and do better!

There are special people and then there’s Sensei Fish Tuelo Masilo! The one who’s cut from a different cloth! The Champ! The sportsman! The artist! The composer! The original STERING! My POPS!”

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