Lady confesses of accusing his boyfriend of r*pe that got him arrested

Mzansi has seen it all and each passing day comes with crazier experience, Gender-based violence is on the rise with little or no justice in sight.

Rape is a very serious offence, but many ladies have chosen to trivialize something that is as sensitive as rape by making false claims not just against any random person but the boyfriend just to punish him.

There are a lot of people in jails who are serving time for crimes they did not commit, this could be a lack of proper representation in court, or they were accused wrongly.

In South Africa, the rate of gender-based violence is so high that many people have died and more harms have continued to be unleashed on many people.

This has led to a massive campaign against Gender-based violence which is gaining so much traction on the mainstream media with a lot of international organizations investing resources to curtail the crime in society.

Therefore, many women have taken advantage of this situation to get to their partner by framing up false accusations against them extremely by accusing men wrongly who end up in jail for no just cause.

A random girl started a post on facebook and demanded that girls submit the worst thing they ever done to a man. A girl named Nohlahla Khumalo shocked everyone by confesssing that she lied about how her ex-boyfriend raping her and got him arrested.

This has attracted the attention of the Mzansi, who are demanding her arrest and prosecution for the false claim and accusation.

We can only imagine the number of men languishing in prison for being falsely accuse by some of these women.

This shows that some women who have reported rape cases were lying, but they simply did it out of spite against the men. This is sad to know and unfortunately for these men, it may be hard to prove innocence because it will be their word against the women. The law will always favour the woman.

A lot of people became so angry at her as they could not believe that someone could hurt another person like that due to lies. People started calling her out, and she ended up deactivating her Facebook account after she realized that she had just confessed to having participated in a huge crime.

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