Is it appropriate for a teacher to dress this way? What do you think?

Dressing can be said to be very personal but when it has to do with minor, or outside the spectrum of adult it comes under intensive scrutiny. With a lot of push on body positivity and freedom of expression being pushed on a daily, it is becoming difficult to know where to draw a line.

Public opinion can be very harsh and also important to guide some of our excesses, thats why public figures are scrutizineed properly because their lives have serious impact on many pwople.

A picture which was shared on social media has drawn a lot of attention on a teacher whose dressing is being critized by many. A lot of people have argued that it is inappropriate to dres like this as a teachers, while others argued that she can not be accused of such because shes endowed in her backside, which is very visible through her dressing.

She is putting on denim ash in a well-stock shirt with pair of shoes, which wouldn’t have been a problem if she was slim without an endowed backside.

A Twitter user, @AymenKcm2 went as far as her Instagram to bring out her private videos and explained that her behaviour is generally inappropriate as the kids might see her Instagram account.

Don’t judge a person by what they wear or by a photo, but by what they do, and yeah I’d say this is INAPPROPRIATE for a TEACHER to act like this

Teachers supposed to be role models, and if kids see her insta (I’m sure they have) that’s def not a very good image of a teacher

One lady said it is not her fault for being born like that, she is fully dressed and looks decent. Someone pointed out that a body does not matter as long as she is qualified to teach and knows what she is doing. He went on to say we should should scarap the mentality that ladies with beautiful bodies do nor belong in different sectors. She has no control of her body as long as she is covered this should not be questioned

What do you think?

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