The type of behaviours women mistakenly believe attract men

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to attraction, Men and women can sometimes do ridiculous things to woo their potential partners.

But you need to understand that well-meant doesn’t mean well-done always.

Just like men tend to do things thinking it makes them look attractive, which may not always work in their favour, women make mistakes too.

Let’s look at a few behaviours that women mistakenly believe make them attractive in front of men.

1. Worrying way too much about appearance

Sure, men are visual creatures, especially when it comes to dating. Looks are to men while emotions and social cues are to women. But they aren’t the only thing men care about and so, you shouldn’t either. If looks are all you care about to woo your man, it is going to get boring and annoying after a point.

2. Being uninterested or playing hard-to-get

It will only attract the wrong kind of guys if this is your approach. You’ll get a bunch of needy guys chasing you, who don’t have options and are eagerly waiting for your attention. You don’t want men like that, do you? If this is going to be your approach towards being attractive to a man, you will get someone who will throw you off once he gets what he wants out of you.

3. Having to be saved or looked after at all times

As a woman, you might think that men like being in control and being a shield for you. This makes you play their damsel in distress. But if you continuously be the woman in dire need of saving, you’re only going to lose your man’s interest in no time. Nobody wants a baby stuck in an adult body. If you need support, communicate it, but be mature about it.

4. Acting like someone he might love

Everyone wants someone who loves them for who they are at their core, with all the strengths and weaknesses, perks and quirks. Sharing a mutual interest in a few things with your man should be natural, not forced. Just because your man likes a certain thing doesn’t have to mean you have to too. You want him to be attracted to you at all times, but in the process, you are being a fake version of yourself.

5. Acting like you have a lot of men interested in you

Competition usually improves the performance of men. If they know the woman of their dreams has other guys eyeing on her, they will usually put in the extra effort. This effect is what women like to play with. But, you are forgetting the fact that many men have a very fragile ego and this can result in damaging behaviour.

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