SA government to promote electric cars with enticing tax rebate

The South African government plans to boost electric car sales by offering a tantalising tax rebate. Electric cars will help Mzansi become more sustainable in terms of emission output.

There were only 92 electric cars purchased in SA in 2020, representing just 0.02% of sales in the domestic automotive market. Forming a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) policy, which aligns with the broader automotive plants, SA government is prioritizing encouraging the electric car revolution.

The NEV Draft Green Paper, published by the department of trade, industry, and competition (DTIC) this week, showed SA’s way forward in terms of sustainable vehicles.

SA plans to prioritize local production, grant tax rebates and invest in renewable sources of energy to power the electric cars.

The draft policy is set to be gazetted for public comment before the end of May with proposals tabled to Cabinet for consideration before October.

The yellow-coloured innovation, according to Mad over Marketing (M.O.M) on LinkedIn, is fashioned in a manner that enables persons confined to wheelchairs to gain entry through the boot.

The nimble innovation is the first of such a nature as other electric cars usually present difficulty to the physically challenged users at the point of getting into the car.

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