Reasons you should forgive when a partner cheats on you

Cheating is an ever-present scourge on the dating and marriage culture we have here and any other part of the world for that matter.

What’s next when a partner cheats on you? Do you dump them and move on? Or do you look for a way to mend bridges and move on from that episode.

And while leaving a cheating partner remains a valid choice you choose to do, here are some three reasons why you may want to do the opposite of it; that is, forgive and keep the relationship going.

1. Genuine remorse

Cheating is not a mistake. That bit is undeniable. Anyone who cheats would have very likely thought it out and planned it before executing the heartbreaking action. Regardless, we can’t discount the truth in the fact that when someone does this, there is also the possibility that they would regret the action and seek out a way to fix what they have done.

If your spouse has been committed to repairing your marriage or relationship, it’s worth forgiving them.

2. Is it worth saving?

Considering all of this, do you consider the relationship worth saving? Do they want to keep it, too, or is the cheating just emblematic of their decision to let go of everything? Is there enough left to salvage? Do you think there is a chance that the relationship could move beyond the cheating

Forgiving isn’t just continuing the marriage holding on to anger and hurt, it’s actually letting go and actively practicing trust again.

3. A one-time thing

Some partners are serial cheats, and some are not. If the problem is an anomaly and not business as usual, it’s worth trying to work things out.

For instance, if a person messes up, and they’ve never done this before, it’s worth working it through especially if your partner expresses remorse.

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