Gigi Lamayne and crew get Hijacked, took to social media to share her story

Gigi Lamayne got hijacked and took to social media to share her story.

Thankfully she is unharmed, but sis was shaken to the core.

Taking to social media with the details, Gigi asked fans to keep a lookout for the stolen vehicle.

Gigi was with her team when the incident happened. “My team and I have just been hijacked. H1 JG 75 TF GP Hyundai 2019. Please keep a lookout.

That’s why I have my phone. I just got out and I ran with my phone. I know it wasn’t the safest thing to do.”

it’s too much Gigi Lamayne was hijacked recently and reached out to fans to get their help.

Image: @gigilamanye. Source: Instagram Not too long after, Gigi took to social media with an update, informing the people of Mzansi that the car had been found.

“Update: it’s been found! Thank you so much!” Fans took to the comment section of the post to let Gigi know how glad they are that she is safe and that the car was recovered.

Crime in Mzansi is at a peak and criminals are not playing.

“May God and amadlozi continuing to bless you and your team.” “It’s God… to God be the glory… it’s nice to see you safe and sound.” “I hope the hijackers were caught as well, to save other victims-to-be. So glad you are safe sisi. God bless you.”

Sis had no chill and was not backing down for anyone. Having felt some type of way over the weekend, Gigi felt the need to share her frustrations on social media.

She shared a picture of a seatbelt after a horrific accident involving a Rolls-Royce made headlines, suggesting that black men fail to wear seat belts just like they do condoms.

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