AKA not supposed to perform so Soon, Says MacG Podcast

The crew members of the MacG podcast have shafted their thoughts about AKA’s return to the stage.

They believe that the rapper returned prematurely to performing, given the extent of the tragedy he suffered.

AKA performed at the Nedbank Cup Final on 7 May.

Speaking on the podcast, Sol Phenduka said: “I think AKA shouldn’t have performed. I think the whole thing was triggered by him performing at the Nedbank Cup Final.

He shouldn’t have performed, you just lost your partner… I know a bag is a bag is a bag but AKA has been relevant for so many years, I’m pretty sure he can… if he needs to forfeit… I mean Nedbank it’s not like their tone-deaf they saw what happened to him, They’ll understand him pulling out.“

The podcasters agreed that the rapper should have taken time off. Sol went on to say that even exposing private messages he had with Nelli Tembe’s father was not a good move.

“I think you shouldn’t have done that bro, those were in confidence. That’s a father speaking absolutely honestly about his daughter, and you’re deciding to put that up as a defence? That looks bad bro! That looks bad cause now you’re not going to get any favour from that family.”

AKA was doing his thing on stage and looked like his former bubbly self as he performed. Rocking his signature ponytail, the rapper showed South Africa that he’s moving on even though he is still grieving his late fiancée.

A little felt happy that he returned, but others thought that it might be a bit too soon. Check out the reactions from social media users to AKA’s performance below: @dTumza said: “947 still has AKA on their Joburg Day line-up & I see he’s performing at the Nedbank Cup final.

Glad he’s slowly getting back to his new normal.” @Sgoloza_Esmehlo commented: “Did I just see AKA perform at the Nedbank Cup Final I thought uzilile (he’s mourning).” @its_okuhleyyyy said: “Idk why people are speaking so negatively of AKA.

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