Tv star Relebogile opens up that she almost loses her son during delivery

Relebogile took to her social media to open up about the nature of her sons birth.

According to her, she almost lost him but she’s grateful to God for seeing her through.

The star welcomed her baby and she is a happy new mom after giving birth to her baby boy on the 5th of May.

Relebogile announced the arrival of her boy through her Instagram. In her words, nothing went according to her plan for the baby, and it was an emergency she did not anticipate.

Relebogile wrote: “Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this moment. Not a class, not a book, not advice, not other mothers’ experiences… Nothing.  Nothing went according to plan. So much went wrong in the build up. It was an emergency we didn’t anticipate. We could have lost you again. Yet the moment was perfect. And I was ready. More importantly, so were you!” the presenter recounts.”

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