How to get the perfect winter jacket

Winter jackets are a must but buying a jacket that suits your needs is very important, to figure out how to choose the right one, you first have to figure out what types of activities you plan on using the jacket for.

Someone looking for a casual jacket to keep warm while running errands won’t need the same kind of jacket as someone exploring new trails or being on adventure on a mountain for hours.

To help you choose the right jacket we have given you a breakdown of the different jackets to help you buy for your needs.

Versatile Jacket:

Some jackets offer the versatility required for those who want one jacket that can fit every occasion. These jackets will have features that are functional for winter activities but still stylish enough to hit the town. With more people leaving the house less during winter and the pandemic, this jacket is essential.

Performance Jacket:

Altitude-blog explains that in order to perform well against tricky conditions, a winter jacket should have a waterproof outer shell. The outer shell of a winter jacket is your protection from the elements having a waterproof or water-repellent treatment is essential to surviving cold, rainy winters.

While the primary reason for a jacket is keeping warm, having a jacket that is water repellent will save you many visits to the doctor.

Non-intensive activity:

This kind will play around with different styles and silhouettes and will include features aimed at comfort, such as a large hood and lined hand warmer pockets.

If they include any technical features they’ll often mask them with stylish trimmings, since they’re not being used for high-intensity activities, explains Altitude.

Technical Jacket:

If you are an avid adventure seeker, then a technical jacket should be your best friend. This kind of jacket usually has multiple functions. Most technical winter jackets will have removable or tucking hoods, or a helmet-compatible hood designed to keep you warm when participating in winter sports.

They will also have multiple storage with zippers to store gear you may need in your adventure and depending on the jacket, the hood will have insulation to maintain warmth.

Fleece Jackets:

Fleece is a soft, insulating man-made fabric and provides good warmth while offering breathability. Fleece is relatively lightweight compared to wool and capable of drying quickly:this is a benefit if you are hiking a long trail that will require you to carry heavy gear.

Fleece jackets can be used as an outer layer if the temperature is not too cold and if it is not too windy. Fleece is also a perfect mid-layer to wear as they help to retain the body hea, especially if you water repellent jacket is too thin and does not have extra puff.

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