How to build proficiency in the use of English language

Proficiency in English language may increase your chances of getting a good job in a multinational company within your country or finding work abroad.

It’s also the language of international communication, the media and the internet. Learning to speak English is also important for socializing and entertainment as well as work.

To communicate fluently, it is important to understand basic grammar rules such as tenses, punctuations, parts of speech, which are often overlooked at the foundational phase.

Identifying the gaps in learning English will help learners, as well as educators, understand how those gaps can be addressed and improved.

To be honest, learning any language is usually not easy, and it can take months, if not years. But if you practice regularly, you will discover the best ways to learn that language.

If you already know basic English, check out these three ways on how to learn English:

1. Immersion method: As the name suggests, the immersion method immerses you in English and this helps you speak and understand the English language. We speak fluently in our mother tongue because we pick up the language bit by bit as small children from listening to others. Studying English for an hour a day can make you pretty good at English but speaking like a native speaker would need something more.

2. Classroom Method: With the class method, you learn the English language like a student rather than like a native. You learn all the grammar and vocabulary and sentence structuring rules first and gradually build your English knowledge. The classroom method is best implemented in a classroom set-up whether at home or online. This method is one of the best ways to learn English if you want more structure in your learning process.

3. Dual Method: The dual method takes the above two methods on how to learn English and turns it into an immersive, classroom method to learn the language fluently. If you want some structure in your studies but also want to learn spontaneous conversation, this is the English-learning method for you. The Dual Method is a great way to learn English if you are doing well in a classroom set-up but want to speed up your progress. This is perfect for you if you live in an English-speaking region, or take other classes in English.

These are the few best ways to learn English that will help you. Select the one that works best for you and happy learning.

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