Da Les’ Baby Momma Shares Steamy Pic, denies rumour claim with AKA

Da Les’ baby momma has decided to completely ignore the rumours that she cheated on her boo with AKA. Instead, Aurea Alexander shared a cosy and steamy pic with her baby daddy online.

The pic showed the pair sitting in a bubble bath and looking happier than ever. Da Les and his baby momma are living their best lives.

Image: @reathegreat Source: Instagram It seems her non- response is a response on its own. All is well with the couple, despite what the streets are saying.

News had reported that MacG has sent Mzansi into a spiral after he revealed that a relative of the late Nelli Tembe sent him a letter.

The podcast host said that the alleged relative did not name themselves and requested to stay anonymous.

But it allegedly revealed more details into the toxic relationship between AKA and Nelli, including how AKA allegedly slept with Da Les’ baby momma.

The damning letter alleges that AKA was abusive towards the late Nelli Tembe and his cheating ways led to her behaving irrationally.

According to the anonymous source, Nelli once caught AKA cheating with Da Les’ baby momma. When she saw the incriminating messages between the two lovers, Tembe reportedly exploded and told Da Les.

It has been reported that the two rappers are now no longer friends due to the drama. Reading the statement on his podcast platform, MacG went on to reveal that the Tembe family did not think that AKA really loved Nelli and was rather using her social to get close to her family’s wealth.

Tembe family hires a private investigator to get answers surrounding Nelli’s passing The allegations that AKA introduced Tembe to a life of drugs, leading to cocaine abuse, were repeated by the anonymous source.

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