Couple goes viral after man shares snap of himself towering over his bae

A young South African couple recently headed online to share a snap of their new bundle of joy – Many people, however, barely paid attention to the baby and were more concerned with how tall the man is – The post soon blew up as many locals headed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the guy’s height.

A young man recently headed online to share a heart-warming post about his love for his little family. The post included a snap of himself, his lady and their adorable bundle of joy all posing together happily.

“I believe in true Love,” he happily captioned the snap.

Many South Africans completely disregarded what the post was about and were soon sharing how taken-aback they were by how incredibly tall the man is. Many of them shared hilarious comments. Read a few of their interesting thoughts below:

@Vhasetha_MRT joked: “A few months old and the child is already half the mother’s height.”

@eazystatic45 said: “Congratulations. Wishing you nothing but long-lasting commitment to the growth of your family.” @mo_lawlar said: “Just a question tho, so whose height will the baby take?”

The young gent took to the app to express how grateful he was to have the pretty woman with him on his special day. Accompanied by two great pictures of himself and his bae, @Jay_leloSA also wrote, “The best birthday gift has to be her.”

The incredibly sweet post received thousands of reactions – but not the types of reactions one would expect. The comment section, as opposed to having a ton of birthday wishes, rather had a ton of women wishing for a tall man like Jay, who is noticeably towering over his beautiful girlfriend in the birthday pictures.

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