8 best teas to replace your morning coffee

Even if you enjoy the taste of coffee, if you’re downing a cup first thing in the morning, you’re probably doing it for the caffeine.

Coffee has its advantages, but it also has its disadvantages.
Coffee is a diuretic. This means, you will use the restroom more often than usual after drinking it, causing dehydration.

It also stimulates the adrenals (the tiny glands on your kidneys), to release adrenaline, placing stress on them and wearing them out.

If you avoid coffee drinkers are wondering how you’re going to get in your daily dose of caffeine without the beloved bean, don’t panic.

There’s a natural, efficient, and tasty way to get your day started off on the right foot: tea.
Looking to cut down on coffee without sacrificing caffeine? Here are Eight tea types and flavours to consider.

These teas provide caffeine and healthy nutrients that coffee doesn’t.

Green tea
One tea bag of Lipton Green Tea contains 35 mg of caffeine. According to study, the polyphenols and catechins in green tea are also said to decrease your risks of cancer by aiding the immune system in fighting cancer cells in the body.

White tea
It includes around 35 mg of caffeine in a single bag of white tea. Along with waking you up in the morning, the antioxidant properties in white tea are also said to reduce cardiovascular disorder and improve oral health.

Oolong tea
The younger the tea leaves, the more caffeine they contain. Oolong is usually made from mature leaves, giving it less caffeine than black tea, but it still has some! A study was conducted on several brands of oolong tea, and the average amount of caffeine was 37 mg per eight-ounce cup. The combination of caffeine and theophylline in oolong will speed up your metabolism, aiding in weight loss as well.

Black tea
Do you usually lean toward the classics? Your average, eight-ounce cup of popular tea contains about 45 mg of caffeine. Additionally, research found that five cups of black tea a day can nearly enhance properties of the immune system such as cell memory and the ability to recognize antigens.

Island mango
A tropical variation on your average cup of black tea. With the addition of hibiscus and calendula, this unique blend will bring you all the health benefits that black tea provides, along with a burst of fruity flavour. Each bag of this tea contains 50 mg of caffeine.

English breakfast tea
What better way to enjoy breakfast than with a warming English Breakfast tea blend? With 60 mg of caffeine per teabag, this full-bodied, smooth blend of black teas, will have you out the door and ready for your day minutes after breakfast.
If you’re worried that the caffeine count in tea is just too low, be sure to try some matcha before you give up and go back to coffee. Matcha tea contains a higher amount of caffeine than most teas on our list.

Yerba maté
In case you’ve never heard of Yerba maté, it’s a tea made from the dried leaves of an evergreen shrub called llex paraguariensis. the llex paraguariensis plant contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and a lengthy list of antioxidants.

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