7 important reasons why you bruise easily

Bruising normally occurs when the tiny blood vessels under the surface of your skin are ruptured, usually by physical trauma or strain.

Blood from the damaged blood cells collects under your skin resulting in discolouration, giving your bruise it’s atypical ‘black and blue’ appearance.

When small blood vessels under the skin burst, it causes bruising, which may appear as yellow or black-and-blue marks. Some people bruise more easily than others.

Below is a list of the common causes for those bruises:

Nutrient deficiency

Vitamin K and C perform several important functions in your blood, according to a recent report from Medical News Today. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and helps you heal wounds.

Vitamin K aids in blood clotting, bone metabolism and regulating blood calcium levels.


While it can affect youth, it is more common in older adults due to the ageing of blood vessels and thinner skin.

Intense exercise

Blood vessels can burst when a muscle is strained, causing it to leak into the surrounding area.

Alcohol consumption

According to studies, alcohol thins the blood and lowers vitamin C levels, which are essential for the skin and blood vessels to withstand impact.

Health conditions

When you have a blood condition like haemophilia, your blood takes a long time to clot. At the slightest injury, blood would be more likely to pool under your skin.

Also, according to WedMD, When platelets (tiny blood cells) are low, people with certain types of leukaemia bruise easily.

Taking certain types of medicine

Blood thinners make it difficult for blood to clot. Steroids can thin your skin and make your blood vessels more vulnerable. According to WebMD, blood vessels with less protection are more likely to burst and bleed.

Your genes

Finally, let’s talk about your genes. It’s no secret that what you inherit from your ancestors is responsible for almost every reaction that takes place within your body and bruising is no exception. For a start, your genes can determine your gender and unfortunately for women, this can matter when it comes to how easily you bruise.

Women do bruise a lot more easily than men because the structure of their blood vessels and the thickness of their skin are far different from that of a man. Women do not produce as much collagen and generally have a thinner epidermis, making them more susceptible to bruising.

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