Six best ways to style a corset, fashion piece of the moment

Corsets are the fashion piece of the moment, from casual to dressy, this piece will be the star of any outfit.

Billie Eilish graced the cover of British Vogue for their June 2021 edition. Shedding her usual garb of baggy tracksuits and oversized t-shirts, the seven time Grammy Award-winning artist broke the internet with a regency-esque lingerie look, featuring the now iconic pink corset with a satin sheen.

The bombshell of a cover was shared all over the internet with fellow celebrities praising Eilish for her message of body positivity and confidence.

As the voice of the younger generation, the star has an insurmountable influence when it comes to any decision she shares publicly.

6 ways to style a corset:

With a suit

Wearing lingerie under oversized blazers has been the trend for the past few years, but taking over is the corset.

The curved boning, elegant lace and curvaceous silhouette it offers the wearer complements the rugged, masculine energy of suits with their wide-shouldered jackets and flowing pleated pants.

This look can easily be dressed up with accessories for a smarter, more formal look.

Chunky hoop earrings, mule heels and perhaps a black leather belt to tie it all together.

Image: Pexels
Over a white shirt

White shirts have become a staple piece in most wardrobes since the 1940s and continued to gain traction in the decades to come, thanks to cinematic masterpieces like Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn.

Their versatility has the ability to elevate any outfit, whether it’s being worn tied at the front as a beach cover up, as a light layer during the summer or tucked into a pair of jeans.

In recent years the white shirt has taken on a more baggy style that needs the femininity of a corset.

Cinching in the waist and pushing the outfit to something a little more edgy, the likes of Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid have been seen rocking this combo either with strappy sandals or sneakers.

Image: Unsplash
Plain Jane with some jeans

Who knew that in 2021 we’d all be rocking corsets with a pair of blue jeans as casually as T-shirts?

Since these waist-flattering pieces re-emerged, they’ve been given a very sleek and minimalist makeover with little to no bells and whistles attached.

From linen to knit, the fabrics are more versatile than the luxurious silks, satins and even denim and lace we’re used to seeing.

Throw on a pair of white sneakers for a casual brunch or coffee with the girls.

Go all out with Y2K

Sometimes when you mix a few of the most popular fashion trends, you get an outfit so remarkably Instagrammable, balanced out with the edgier elements of street wear.

For example, wide leg pants – they’re bottom heavy so the delicate sweetheart neckline and cinched in waist of corsets pairs beautifully.

Add black rectangle framed shades, a mini baguette bag and some square toed strappy sandals to finish the look.

Over knits and sweaters

Knit dresses, oversized sweaters and cosy sweaters are what autumn and winter are all about.

However, the material is often not the most flattering, especially if you’d like to show off your figure.

In place of a chunky, wide belt, use a corset to achieve the same effect in a more fashion forward way. An outfit like this calls for heeled boots and hoop earrings.

Over a slip dress

Flouncy, romantic and ever so chic, slip dresses are yet another style that evolved from a garment meant for the boudoir.

The silky fabric is soft enough to cinch in at the waist with a corset, ruffling the hem of the dress.

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