Connie Ferguson 85yr 0ld dad working out

Mzansi actress Connie Ferguson took to her instagram account to share a lovely video of her 85yr old father working out, as Connie Ferguson is all about family values.

It’s clear now where she gets it from and her dad, Ntate Masilo is totally crushing it with the weights he was lifting.

It’s hard to believe that he’s almost 85 because he’s still got some serious strength in his hands. Connie just couldn’t believe how her dad is still committed to working out, and she just had to share it with her followers.

The producer captioned her post: “22 May! My dad turns 85! But look at him go! Whomst father is this?” In the footage, Connie’s father has headphones in his ears and is taking part in a workout that would put anyone who’s lazy to shame.

He’s seriously crushing it and made exercising look absolutely effortless. Connie is a serious fitness bunny herself and works extra hard to keep her banging body in shape.

It’s quite obvious that she gets the fitness gene from her dad, they both know how to exercise like champs.

Connie Ferguson loves all forms of gyming and it seems as though it’s a hobby that she shares with her youngest daughter, Alicia.

Connie and Alicia recently did a really gruelling workout and shared the details on social media.

Their personal trainer shared snaps on Instagram of Connie and Alicia breaking a sweat, finding it funny that Connie has managed to drag Alicia into her “no pain, no gain” energy, and captioned his post: “Mamzo never wants to suffer alone.”

Connie reshared the picture to her stories on Instagram and captioned her post: “Pain is sweeter when shared! Thanks, @ali.ferguson”

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