Merit and Demerit of Agreeable and Disagreeable

If you’re agreeable, your probability of moving up any dominance/competence hierarchy is very slim.

Your best chance is to take a break in solitude and learn to become disagreeable; Agreeable people are more obedient and tend to occupy cooperative landscapes over competitive.

Cooperative landscapes do not provide the opportunity for ascension as competitive landscapes do. Agreeable people tend to have more faith in chance and fortune.

They are likely to be more religious.

They are more likely to be oppressed and hard done by over their disagreeable counterparts. Agreeable people are likely to be more sympathetic and channel cause for action through empathy.

Consequently, they are more likely to be exposed to resentment and jealousy. Agreeable people have a higher chance of being exploited than disagreeable people.

Women are more agreeable than men.

Men have a responsibility here. Disagreeable people tend to break rules more often, for better or worse.

They tend to be more skeptical and question conventional norms. When necessity calls, disagreeable people are more likely to do things they shouldn’t do, whereas agreeable people are more likely to hope for better days than break rules. Disagreeable people within hierarchies are closer to the CEO in proximity relative to agreeable people. Disagreeable people are more utilitarian and appear to have a different set of values for private and public life.


Agreeable people have the same values in private and public life. Honesty appears to be a trait more common in disagreeable people than agreeable people.

Honesty and Truthful

The more you get along with everyone, the less likely you are honest and truthful. A disagreeable person occupying a competitive landscape within a hierarchy, is more likely “to get along with everyone” as a tactic to succeed in public life.

There’s utility in selectively becoming agreeable in certain cases.

And this contradicts the above. Whereas an agreeable person would authentically try to get along with everyone in their public or private life without tactical reasons, primarily to fit in and receive validation.

Disagreeable in men and women

Disagreeable men are more attractive than agreeable men, while agreeable women are more attractive than disagreeable women. Having the ability to be exceptionally competent within a domain and increasing the rate at which you say “no”, will increase your negotiation power. 

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