After 14 years on screen, Rhythm City is set to air its final episode

One of the longest TV soap in South Africa, Rhythm City has thrown their fans in total disarray and dejection as they announced that their last episode will be airing on the 16th of July 2021.

Many fans are heartbroken by the news about the show which entertained them for thirteen seasons since the 9th of July 2007. Rhythm City is a South African musical drama series produced by Quizzical Pictures. 

However, opinions are divided as some other fans had already parted ways with the soap opera and are happy it is finally coming to an end. They argued that the soap opera had lost content and its viewers along the way which explains why the show is ending.

No one will really know the actual reason for the soapie’s cancellation, but many believe it is because of a lack of good content. Adding the curiosity to fans also declined to tell the reason they decided to cancel Rhythm City other than to say it has been axed as part of business strategy.

The managing director Marlon Davids said that continues to look forward to fulfilling its mandate of producing exceptional and relevant local content. Responding to the sad news, fans have this to say about the soapie:

“They lost touch many years ago . Genaro was the only fire there until after 2012 they had no good story-line to offer him”

“I dont even care about it. Story line boring . That mzi used like a child. Send nudes , steal money Who does that?”

Gloom among fans as Rhythm City is set to air its final episode

Some people have brought up Uzalo into the mix and also want the show to end. It is always the same reason why people get bored, and it is always about losing the focus and content.

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