Man speak up difficulty of living with his lady and his mom

A mother-in-law and her new daughter-in-law don’t always mix well, especially not when they have to live together.

A young man knows the struggle after he and his woman went to stay with his mom during lockdown, it didn’t end well.

“The first 2 months of the lockdown, my partner and I lived with my mother, it was all fun until my mother decided to pour her sauce on a pasta my partner was cooking, she went to her “Makoti, ngifake isauce yami emnandi ku pasta yakho” my housemate smiled and said ngiyabonga.

“But she didn’t appreciate the gesture… my partner told me about it and while I was eating it, my mom asked me “injani isauce? Ifakwe imina”… I was caught between a rock and a hard place, a week later, we moved down the road to my place… problem solved,” he wrote.

@Kwazzay said: “I really think your mom genuinely thought it was okay to “both cook meals together” with your partner.

I don’t think there was any malice judging by that phonecall you overheard. Shame man. Good choice to move out though.

” @Pule_EM said: “Well done. Your wife is sound, someone would’ve expected you to rebuke your mom to prove loyalty to her.”

“My boyfriend’s mom frying plantain chips for him to bring to Lagos for me has to be the sweetest thing.

She’s always so excited to put her face in front of the camera when we’re video calling too or when we’re on the phone ‘Shey Tolu niyen? Ba mi ki’,” she captioned the post.

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